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10 ideas for tiled kitchen backsplashes

Tiled kitchen backsplashes are a growing option. Discover their technical advantages and decorative possibilities with Aparici.

Kitchen splashbacks and tiles are a winning combination. On the one hand, this area of the kitchen makes the most of all the benefits of porcelain tiles.  On the other hand, the incredible variety of ceramic designs makes them suitable for any kitchen, whatever the style of the room. It is therefore not surprising that it is the material of choice for architects, interior designers and private individuals when it comes to bringing kitchen walls to life.

In this article we look at the reasons why using tiles on the dashboard is a guarantee of success. 

We will also review some of the trendiest designs to inspire your next project or refurbishment.

Gatsby White - Country house project in Poland

Gatsby White - Project private house in Krakow

Why use tiles as a kitchen backsplash?

Nowadays the options are growing and there are several materials suitable for this role, such as adhesive vinyl or paper coverings. Alongside these, there are still more traditional options such as marble and other natural stones, which make the project more expensive and require specific treatments to withstand use as a backsplash. Of all the options... so why choose porcelain tile for your kitchen backsplash?

There is no single reason, but rather a combination of factors that make ceramic wall tiles the material of choice as a kitchen backsplash. Find out all its advantages from both a technical and design point of view!

Iridium Copper - Private house in the Netherlands - Plan2000

Iridium Copper - Private house in the Netherlands - Plan2000

Advantages of using porcelain tiles

  • Resistance to heat and temperature changes: perhaps one of the most important characteristics to consider in any material to be installed in the kitchen, but especially in the backsplash due to its proximity to the heat source.
  • Moisture resistance: porcelain tiles are not very porous, which is an advantage in a kitchen where splashes of water or other liquids are common.
  • Easy to clean: a particularly useful feature for kitchen splashbacks, which accumulate grease as they become soiled by frying oil and all kinds of sauces.
  • Resistance to knocks and scratches: in the kitchen we use utensils on a daily basis and can accidentally damage the walls. With a porcelain tile, you have nothing to worry about.


10 trendy porcelain tile backsplashes

The backsplash is one of the most versatile parts of the kitchen. We can go for simplicity and use the same backsplash for the whole room, or we can go the other way and make this area stand out with decorative tiles.

Whatever style you have in mind for your project, there is always a kitchen tile to help you achieve it. Here are 10 trendy backsplash options to inspire you.

Decorative backsplash tiles

Floral patterns, geometric designs or a variety of colours are just some of the aspects that characterise decorative tiles. In our catalogue you will find designs from the most rustic to the most avant-garde, as well as ceramic tiles that simulate all kinds of materials.

Hexagonal backsplash for a dynamic kitchen

Dynamism is one of the most important factors when it comes to creating a space that is far from ordinary and stimulating to the eye. One way to create a kitchen with a dynamic design is to use hexagonal tiles for the backsplash. There are plain tiles, with geometric shapes in the piece itself, silver or terrazzo effect...

Bohemian Blue

Hydraulic mosaic for a vintage look  

Hydraulic effect tiles are the epitome of the vintage look, drawing directly from the most popular modernist style tiles, with all the benefits of the present day. They are ideal for combining with other collections of plain or textured tiles in the kitchen to enhance the backsplash area.

Backsplashes for industrial kitchens

Aparici's metallic and cement effect tiles are the perfect candidates for creating an industrial backsplash to define the character of your kitchen. You can choose from homogeneous tiles that highlight the most characteristic textures of each material, to collections that include other textures, patterns and reliefs.

Large format backsplashes: the power of marble

Marble is the epitome of luxury and elegance. A large-format backsplash in marble porcelain stoneware will make an impression on everyone who enters the kitchen. Because the pieces are larger than usual, the characteristic veining of marble is more visible. Another advantage of large format tiles is that they are easier to clean as there are fewer joints.

Omega Gold - Private house project - Poland


Undermount tiles: a kitchen classic

Underground tiles are a timeless classic that will always be in fashion. Aparici's underground tiles are available in plain white and in decorative versions featuring vintage photographs of objects we use in the kitchen every day. 


Embossed tiles for kitchen backsplashes

Embossed tiles are very useful for adding dynamism, as well as an aesthetic and tactile plus, to the kitchen splashback. The volume of their pieces and their bevelled edges stand out, creating a very interesting three-dimensional effect in a wide variety of figures.

A terrazzo backsplash? Of course!

Terrazzo is one of those materials from the past that have returned to the present in the form of tiles. On the kitchen splashback, terrazzo effect tiles will bring colour, with more classic options in black and grey and other more surprising ones, with greens, pinks and blues mixed with other shades.


Textile effect tiles for cosy kitchens

Textile effect tiles allow you to create a kitchen splashback with a modern and durable look, as they are ceramic wall tiles. This type of tile reproduces patterns, thread marks, worn effects... A combination of striking visual design and texture.

kitchen with Carpet Vestige backsplash

Carpet Vestige - Private house project - Deerdesign

Carpet Vestige - Private house project - Deerdesign

Rustic Kitchen Backsplashes

In traditional rustic kitchens, terracotta is often used as a backsplash. Aparici's clay-effect tile collections take up this heritage and enhance it with new aspects that increase its versatility and decorative possibilities. On the kitchen backsplash, they evoke traditional kitchens with all the resistance of the tile.

Gatsby White - Private house project in Zakopane

Gatsby White - Private house project in Zakopane

Gatsby White - Private house project in Zakopane

Tiled kitchen backsplashes offer a combination of style and functionality. The range of options available allows you to create atmospheres ranging from vintage to industrial, adapting to any style of décor. With their technical advantages such as heat, moisture and impact resistance, backsplash tiles not only add beauty but also durability to the kitchen, making them a winning choice for any interior design project.