How to modernise terrazzo flooring

Discover how to modernise a terrazzo floor, an on-trend classic that combines the best of past and present.

Modernising a terrazzo floor means taking its heritage and adding all the advantages of the present, both technical and aesthetic. This is possible thanks to materials in constant evolution, such as porcelain stoneware, which can reproduce any material with unquestionable fidelity.

In this article we will look at what exactly modern terrazzo is, the specific advantages of tiles with this design and some of the colours we can find on the market to inspire your projects and give new life to your spaces.

living room with a very modern blue terrace floor


What is modern terrazzo?

When we talk about modern terrazzo, we are referring to materials that are capable of simulating the aesthetics so characteristic of traditional terrazzo, a stone pavement made of pieces of recycled marble and coloured cement. Today, there are a number of materials capable of reproducing the unmistakable design of terrazzo, such as vinyl or various adhesive surfaces. However, of all the current materials that can achieve this effect, terrazzo effect porcelain tiles are by far the most plausible.

Today, terrazzo tiles are increasingly versatile and can be used as both flooring and cladding, depending on the specifications of each individual tile. They are also available in a wide range of designs, from those that faithfully reflect the personality of classic terrazzo to those that innovate with more ground-breaking shapes and patterns. 

modern blue terrazzo flooring in offices


Benefits of modern terrazzo tiles

What are the benefits of modern terrazzo tiles? Porcelain stoneware, due to its composition and manufacturing techniques, has some properties that make it very convenient:

  • Resistance: modern terrazzo tiles are highly resistant to wear, impact and moisture.
  • Ease of installation and maintenance: modern terrazzo is much easier to install than the original terrazzo, a much heavier material. It is also easy to maintain and clean and does not require any special care.
  • Versatility: thanks to the above-mentioned characteristics, this type of tile can be used in all types of interiors, from bathrooms to bedrooms. In addition, the modern terrazzo collections by Aparici can be used both as flooring and wall coverings.
  • New designs and formats: the latest innovations have made it possible to create new formats and designs that were not possible before. Examples are the hexagonal tiles of our Stracciatella collection or the geometric version of our Terrazo Stamp design tiles.
modern and colourful terrazzo effect tiles in the bathroom


Colour ideas for updating a terrazzo floor

There is a wide range of colours available to modernise a terrazzo floor, from the bold to the mundane. Below are some of the options available on the tile market:

White terrazzo floors

White tiles, in their terrazzo version, take advantage of the pure shade of this colour to enhance its characteristic hue. This is the predominant tone of the tiles in our Stracciatella collection, for example, with their white backgrounds dotted with shades of blue, honey and pastel pink.

Modern terrazzo in white and pale shades is characterised by its versatility and minimalist personality. It is often used in kitchens and bathrooms, spaces where extra brightness is required. However, at Aparici we encourage you to break the mould and let terrazzo conquer other spaces, whether in a residential or commercial architectural project.

Modern grey terrazzo 

The grey porcelain tile easily adapts to all types of environments, since it is a neutral colour and the modern grey terrazzo tiles recall the most characteristic shades of this material.

At Aparici you can choose between our Terrazzo Anthracite Natural collection with a grey background or its Stamp version, which combines white and grey to create dynamic, contrasting geometric figures.

modern and soft pink terrazzo floor


Green Terrazzo

Green tiles bring life to any space in which they are laid, and the terrazzo version is no different. It is undoubtedly the most representative colour of nature, which terrazzo enhances with its special mottled organic character.

At Cerámicas Aparici we have two collections of green terrazzo designs for floors and walls. Our Green Natural Terrazzo simulates the look of classic terrazzo with strong pastel tones, while Trendy Green Natural does the same with slightly softer colours.

Other modern terrazzo colours

And for the more daring, there are other shades of modern terrazzo tiles to set the trend for your floor. This is the case with our pink and blue tiles in this design.

The above-mentioned Trendy collection reinterprets terrazzo in a contemporary and modern way under the interior design trend 'Expressions of Nature', which seeks a stronger connection with nature. Its multi-coloured, medium-size grain blends perfectly with a pink or blue background.

kitchen diner with brown terrazzo effect floor and white terrazzo effect kitchen


Modern terrazzo tiles go far beyond the limitations of traditional terrazzo, which is easily scratched and loses its appearance over time. Modern porcelain stoneware terrazzo tiles offer unbeatable durability, as well as a wide variety of designs and sizes, so you can create spaces to suit your tastes. Visit our collections to find yours!