Aparici Home Stories | Discovering the home of Ruxanda Ghemis and her family

Introducing Aparici Home Stories, where we open the doors of homes around the world to discover how Aparici tiles bring these personal stories to life.

At Aparici, every home has its own story, a narrative interwoven with design choices that make each space unique. 

Ruxanda Ghemis: An Authentic and Creative Spirit

Known online as @ruxandaghemis, Ruxanda Ghemis is a Spanish influencer who captivates with her candid approach to motherhood. In addition to her social media presence, Ruxanda is passionate about interior design, and her home is a reflection of her modern and welcoming style.

We delve into the bathroom renovation of Ruxanda's house.

What was the impact you hoped to achieve by choosing Aparici tiles in your bathroom? By choosing Aparici tiles, I hoped to achieve a bathroom that would reflect my personal style and create a unique experience. I wanted the space to convey serenity and elegance, and these tiles have achieved that and more.


How has the combination of the Ronda and Markham collections influenced the overall atmosphere of your bathroom? The combination of the Ronda and Markham collections has completely transformed the atmosphere of my bathroom. The tiles from the Ronda collection bring a sense of history and tradition, while the tiles from the Markham collection add a contemporary touch. Together, they have created a balanced and stylistically enriching environment.

How would you describe the experience of working with Aparici tiles during installation? The experience of working with Aparici tiles was rewarding. Their quality and precision made the installation process easy, and the final results exceeded my expectations. It was exciting to see how each piece fit together perfectly to create a cohesive and beautiful design.


Have Aparici tiles received positive feedback from friends and family who have seen your bathroom? Definitely, my friends and family have praised the Aparici tiles in my bathroom. They have noticed its unique design and how it has transformed the space. It has been gratifying to receive such positive feedback and to know that my choice of tiles has been appreciated.

How would you describe the relationship between the tiles and other elements in your bathroom, such as accessories and furniture? The Aparici tiles have become the visual heart of my bathroom. They have created a focal point that complements the accessories and furniture beautifully. Together, they have created a cohesive and aesthetically appealing space.

Would you recommend tiles from Aparici's Ronda and Markham collections to others looking to renovate their spaces? I would definitely recommend the tiles from Aparici's Ronda and Markham collections to anyone looking to renovate their spaces. Their design and quality are exceptional, and they have proven to be a choice that really transforms an environment.

How has your experience been with the maintenance of the Ronda and Markham collection tiles after they have been installed? The maintenance of the Ronda and Markham collection tiles has been surprisingly easy. They have proven to be stain and moisture resistant, which makes them very easy to clean. I only need basic care to maintain their original beauty.

How have the tiles responded to exposure to water and moisture, especially in a bathroom environment? Aparici tiles have proven to be resistant to exposure to water and humidity in the bathroom. I have not observed any problems with discolouration or moisture-related damage, which gives me peace of mind in terms of durability.

A Story of Personal Transformation

Ruxanda's story with Aparici tiles is a testament to how design can transform a space and elevate it to a place of true beauty and functionality. Her bathroom has become a reflection of her style and personality, and tiles from Aparici's Ronda and Markham collections have been the perfect canvas for her unique vision. Through Aparici Home Stories, we celebrate these inspiring narratives that remind us how every design choice can impact our daily lives and bring our homes to life.