Stone floors: the latest looks

Which stone floor should I choose for my home or project? We make it easy for you and help you discover the trendiest stone floors.

Stone floors are always in fashion. Its unmistakable aesthetic maintains its popularity year after year among architects and interior designers due to its infinite possibilities. We find everything from rustic style stone floors that enhance their naturalness to more avant-garde, innovative designs that break with their origins. Nowadays, the variety of natural stones and other materials that simulate them is so great that the possibilities are almost limitless.

With so many options, it is very easy for an end consumer to feel overwhelmed. That is why we will define the types of stone floors that exist depending on where they are to be installed, the most recommended materials, as well as the most popular stone-like aspects for porcelain flooring.

Aparici beige stone effect porcelain floor tiles


Types of stone floors according to their use

Firstly, stone flooring can be categorised according to its indoor and outdoor use. Each will have distinctive properties and characteristics to best suit its environment:

Outdoor stone flooring

Outdoor stone floors have a higher resistance than floors intended for indoor use only. The reason for this is that they must be able to withstand inclement weather, as well as more abrupt changes in temperature or humidity.

In exteriors, such as terraces or courtyards, it is advisable to opt for non-slip floors, especially if we have a swimming pool or garden, or to avoid slipping in case of rain. Limestone and sandstone are common in these types of spaces due to their technical properties.

outdoor terrace with imitation stone tiles


terrace house with grey stone effect tiles


Stone flooring in interior spaces.

Stone floors in interiors reinforce a cosy and exclusive feeling in any environment, as well as adding to the durability so characteristic of stone. The passage of time will not be a challenge for this type of flooring, which will remain as good as new for many years to come. Some of the most popular stone floors for interiors are marble and travertine or slate.

stone effect interior flooring for residential spaces


Natural stone or imitation stone floors?

Although there are many reasons to opt for natural stone (highest level of detail and naturalness, variety in shapes and textures...), they also have some disadvantages. Except for stones like granite, the vast majority of stones are porous and require extra treatment to protect them. In addition, stones as highly valued as marble can be easily scratched, which is why imitation stone floors are increasingly valued.

Today, technology has allowed us to devise new ways of representing natural stone with other materials, which overcome these technical limitations. Examples of this are vinyl floors, ceramics or, above all, porcelain stoneware. Stone effect tiles are among the most used, either as flooring or cladding, due to their multiple advantages.

The advantages of stone imitation porcelain tiles

  • One of the first advantages of imitation stone porcelain floors compared to natural stone floors is their placement. It is simpler and requires less labor, which means savings in both time and cost.
  • Regarding technical aspects, imitation stone ceramic is more resistant and durable. It withstands stains and scratches much more easily, so it will stay like the first day for longer.
  • In addition, it is a practically waterproof material, especially in the case of porcelain stoneware. There are non-slip tiles, so we can install it in spaces such as the bathroom or kitchen without worries.
  • The stone-effect porcelain floors are also available in a 20mm thick version. This will allow us to install it outdoors with a resistance that finds few rivals on the market.
  • Porcelain stoneware is capable of reproducing the design and texture of natural stone with greater realism than other materials. Especially in the case of rectified tiles, which perfectly imitate large slabs of stones such as granite or marble.
kitchen and living room with stone-type tiled floor


The latest types of stone for flooring

There are many types of natural stone designs that can be installed on the floor. In this selection we will talk about those that are currently on trend and which porcelain stoneware is capable of reproducing in great detail:

Slate floors for indoors and outdoors.

Porcelain slate floors are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. They perfectly simulate every detail and variation found in natural slate. An example of this is the Slate tile collection by Aparici, inspired by the multicoloured slate from Brazil, with which you can opt for colour harmony or contrast.

interior and exterior floor with dark stone effect


Rustic stone floors

Rustic stone floors are one of the most popular options. It is finding more and more followers every day in an effort to bring nature back into the home or office. Ronda tile collection is reminiscent of the most natural stone finish, whether for indoor or outdoor flooring, with all the advantages of porcelain stoneware.

rustic stone floor and embossed stone wall


The beauty of limestone, at your feet

Limestone is one of the most versatile stones due to its neutral tones and its minimalist, natural and elegant appearance. At Aparici we have the Bavaria porcelain stoneware collection, which reproduces the warm tones of Solnhofen stone from Bavaria and with which you can give free rein to your imagination in the design of spacious terraces or dining rooms.

limestone in bathroom tiles

Bavaria & Crea

Granite floors

Granite floors are one of the most widely used in all kinds of projects due to their variety of shades and resistance, whether in the form of natural stone or porcelain floors. In the Lithops collection by Aparici you can discover the decorative possibilities offered by these stones of volcanic origin, hand in hand with ceramics. In the Lithops collection by Aparici you can discover the decorative possibilities offered by these volcanic stones, the perfect balance between energy and elegance!

Aparici porcelain stoneware flooring for interiors and exteriors


Marble and travertine: a choice that is always up to date

Both marble and travertine are considered two of the most beautiful and popular natural stones. Their design is one of the most imitated by all kinds of materials because of their dynamism and the feeling of exclusivity they convey.

Porcelain floors take marble design to the next level thanks to their multiple technical and aesthetic advantages. Aparici's Marbox collection demonstrates this with its appearance, faithful to the original material, the serene beauty of travertine floors.

embossed white marble effect wall cladding


In short, stone floors are available in a multitude of aspects depending on the type of stone and the environment in which they are to be installed, as well as in different materials that simulate them with great success. In Aparici we are clear about this and we recommend betting on stone design ceramic floor tiles, which combine design and technology.