Bathroom tile trends. Ideas for 2024

Get to know the bathroom tile trends we will see in 2024. Get inspired by Aparici's variety of porcelain colours and looks.

A new year is the perfect excuse to change the look of that bathroom that we have been wanting to renovate for months or even years, especially when we have been following bathroom tile trends for a long time. What will the next 2024 bring us in terms of ceramic decoration for bathrooms? We bring you the keys and recommendations for trendy tiles.

modern bathroom in beige tones aparici


The trendy bathroom tiles according to their design

Ceramic is the perfect material to cover trendy bathrooms thanks to its ability to become any material. Therefore, whether you are looking for a bathroom with marble as the protagonist, or if you prefer a balanced space thanks to wood or you are looking for the personality of natural stone, ceramic is the ideal material for any trendy bathroom.

Vintage bathrooms with hydraulic tiles

One of the most popular options when it comes to giving your bathroom a new look is to choose a style that exudes nostalgia. If we are going for a vintage style bathroom, one of the best choices will be a collection of decorative encaustic tiles for the wall, one of the options with the most personality.

But not only hydraulic tiles give a vintage look to bathroom walls. A highly valued option are the flower tiles for bathrooms, which help us to create unique spaces capable of evoking paradisiacal places.

colourful jungle-inspired bathroom

bathroom with modern hydraulic tiles 2024


Tiles for rustic bathrooms

Bathrooms with a more natural look are also going to be a trend in 2024. That spirit of natural stone is what we can find in the tiles for rustic bathrooms designed by Aparici, which have pieces that represent all types of stones with total fidelity, but also includes daring and challenging collections.

Stone is always one of the most sought-after aspects in ceramic decoration, thanks to its versatility and the wealth of colours and shades in the collections, which range from practically white ivory tones to intense greys such as anthracite.

rustic bathroom with bathtub and brown tiles


rustic terracotta effect bathroom tiles


Imitation marble tiles for trendy bathrooms

Marble is, in its own right, a fixed material in the list of trendy bathroom coverings. Its elegance, its versatility, its richness in nuances or its great variety of shades make it the perfect material to give a new life to a bathroom.

Imitation marble tiles are a safe bet to get the decoration of this domestic space right, whether we go for light tones for small bathrooms or for dark marbles full of personality.  In 2024, marble will once again be one of the reigning materials in bathrooms.

bathroom with aparici beige marble tiles


Natural inspiration with wood tiles

Scandinavian style and other nature-inspired decorative options are still very much in vogue and that is why we will continue to see wood tiles for bathrooms in the coming year. This classic style allows us to give the space a natural and sophisticated touch that always triumphs among lovers of Nordic decoration.

In addition, wood tiles for bathrooms have an indisputable advantage over the material that inspires them: their technical characteristics make them more than suitable for wet spaces. We can even find tiles with a non-slip finish for bathrooms that require more advanced features.


bathroom with shower with non-slip wood-effect tiles


The most modern bathroom tiles

Avant-garde also has a place in the bathroom tile trends for 2024. Tiles for modern bathrooms are chosen according to different decorative styles and often the key is the combination of collections: a stone or cement tile can clad an industrial style bathroom or a ceramic tile collection with a wood look can become the cornerstone for a minimalist bathroom.

large modern industrial bathroom


Combinations of bathroom tiles according to colours

Colour is one of the elements that gives the most personality to a bathroom. Although white will continue to be the absolute king of tiles in 2024, other cold tones such as blues and greys are arriving in force. If spaces full of personality are your thing, there is nothing like multicoloured bathroom tiles.

Combining the grey bathroom tiles

Grey bathroom tiles are going to continue to be among the most prominent in the coming year 2024. Why? Because of their ability to adapt to any space, large or small, and also to any style. One of the great advantages of bathroom tiles in grey tones is their incredible capacity for combination, as it is perfect when used with other shades of grey and to create contrast or harmony with other completely different tones.

combined bathroom in shades of grey tiles by aparici


A classic that is always on trend: white bathroom tiles

No matter what year it is, white bathroom tiles will always be among the most sought-after and most frequently installed. White is the undisputed king of bathrooms because of its simplicity and the light it brings, even in the smallest of spaces.

But choosing white tiles does not mean falling into boredom or something hopelessly classic. White can be transformed into a sheet of metal, delicate origami pieces, timeless marble, impossible reliefs or the perfect background for golden patterns.

bathroom with white non-slip tiles


white bathroom with embossed wall


Blue tile, the essence of water

Blue is a colour with an incredible decorative value thanks to the sensation of freshness that it brings, which is why it is perfect for giving an original and modern air to a bathroom. Blue bathroom tiles are the lively contrast and full of personality to other calmer colours such as white or grey, classics when it comes to combining them.

Opting for blue when choosing bathroom tiles means opting for a colour full of personality but without stridency, capable of providing balance and vitality, whether in the form of terrazzo, stone or even hydraulic tiles.

bathroom with blue tiles trend 2024


Bathrooms with two-coloured tiles

Colour lovers don't have to settle for single-colour tiles to decorate their spaces either. Multicoloured bathroom tiles are an ideal option for those who do not want a room to go unnoticed and prefer to go for a burst of colour and originality. Graffiti, geometric motifs, vegetation and other natural motifs are the colourful alternative to more discreet bathrooms.

bathroom with fun coloured tiles


bathroom with coloured tiles


Which bathroom tiles to choose depending on the space?

Size is another decisive factor when it comes to deciding which tile collection to choose for your bathroom. Do you have a large space? Then you can choose anything. Is your bathroom small? Then choose appropriately to give a greater sense of continuity.

Floor and wall tiles for small bathrooms

There have long been no strict rules when it comes to deciding on a particular size for tiles for small bathrooms. Although logic says that a large tile will reduce the number of joints and give a greater sense of continuity and space, the truth is that small tiles are perfect for creating a contrasting wall even in the smallest of bathrooms.

small bathroom with classic tiles


Large tiles for bathrooms

Large format tiles are perfect for both large and small bathrooms, because they always give a greater feeling of spaciousness. However, if you are looking for large tiles for bathrooms in dark tones or with intense colours, it is better to reserve them for larger or brighter rooms. If you have a large bathroom, in 2024 you will be able to decorate it as you wish, with no other restrictions than your own style.


large bathroom with embossed concrete-effect tiles


Bathroom tile trends in 2024 bring a wide variety of options for anyone who wants to give this room a contemporary, practical and elegant feel. Choosing the look that best suits the desired style, choosing cool colours or the all-powerful white and selecting the right size of tiles will be the keys to getting this decorating project right.