Vintage kitchens: tiles and ideas

Vintage kitchens are all about nostalgia with the advantages of the present. Discover the tile and material options and the most popular colours.

Vintage kitchens have experienced a surge in popularity in recent times. The architect or interior designer pursues a retro style reminiscent of times gone by and combines the old with the new. One of the elements that help to enhance it the most are the tiles thanks to their infinite designs and combinations.

In this article we will detail what type of flooring, wall tiles, furniture and other decorative objects help you to achieve that vintage aesthetic in your kitchen. 

In addition, we will also provide inspiring examples with porcelain tiles as the protagonist so that you can plan the design of your retro kitchen in the best possible way.


Elements of a vintage kitchen

There are many elements that characterise a vintage kitchen, so having some references is quite useful: what floors are recommended, what wall tiles are best, what about furniture and other decorations? Here are some examples:

  • Flooring for a vintage kitchen. The choice of flooring is crucial, not only to achieve the desired aesthetics, but also to ensure that it lasts over time. Here we can install floors as varied as traditional terrazzo, rustic wood or opt for one of the most suitable floors due to its colours and shapes: hydraulic tiles. Discover more about the best floors for your kitchen in Cerámicas Aparici.
  • Vintage wall tiles. For the walls of our vintage kitchen we can choose brick, paint in ochre, toasted or warm colours or wallpaper. However, it is the ceramic wall tiles that offer the most possibilities and can withstand the daily use of a kitchen without any problems.
  • Furniture and decorative objects. Wooden furniture is a great ally in creating an authentic vintage atmosphere. Wall units are also often used as small shelves. And to decorate the space, use objects such as photographs, crockery, antique mirrors or other objects that you can reuse.



Which tiles should I choose for a vintage kitchen?

Vintage tiles are one of the most popular options for both flooring and cladding, and no wonder. They fulfil a dual role: on the one hand, aesthetic, thanks to their great variety in designs, formats and colours. On the other hand, technical, thanks to the exceptional properties of porcelain stoneware. Its great resistance to temperature changes, humidity, stains and scratches make it the ideal ally for everyday kitchen use.

Having chosen the ideal material, let's take a look at the porcelain stoneware looks that best match the vintage look of your kitchen.

Vintage underground tiles 

Underground tiles take up the legacy of the wall tiles used in New York underground stations in the 1900s. In addition to perfectly accompanying this style of decoration, they have other characteristics that make them very interesting. With them, the impression that the space is more illuminated will be greater thanks to their elongated and rectangular shape, even more so if we opt for light tones and a glossy finish.



Vintage hydraulic tiles 

Hydraulic tiles are a classic in vintage kitchens. They are inspired by the most famous modernist style tiles and reinforce the retro aesthetic of any space. They mimic floral or geometric motifs, colourful or in more neutral tones, making them suitable for almost any kitchen. They are also more durable than ever thanks to innovations in the ceramics industry. The best of the past with the best of the present.


Textile effect tiles for kitchens

Textile-effect tiles are an original proposal full of personality for a vintage kitchen. They simulate a painted textile, so their designs can contain from geometric figures to vintage floral tiles.

Moreover, they are available in a multitude of colours, such as beige, white or blue. Consult the catalogue of textile effect tiles to achieve a vintage kitchen on our website.


Vintage modern kitchen with terrazzo floors 

Terrazzo floors are an excellent choice for designing a modern vintage kitchen. Once again, the tile industry takes a classic Mediterranean heritage and updates it to offer highly decorative pieces.

These vintage tiles simulate the stone pebbles of the original terrazzo to perfection. Our terrazzo effect tiles are available in popular colours such as green, pink or blue, but you will find variations within the same colour range or mixes of shades for a dynamic finish.


Colour ideas for a vintage style kitchen

To create a vintage chic kitchen you need to know how to choose the right material and combine it with other colours and elements. In this section we will develop some of today's most popular colour ideas to make designing this space easier.

White kitchen and vintage wood

A white kitchen with wood conveys warmth and purity, two very convenient sensations in a space like the kitchen. In addition, with this combination you can create a vintage Nordic kitchen, that is, opt for a modern and minimalist style such as Nordic and combine it with elements reminiscent of other eras, such as wood with a worn effect.

To design your white kitchen with vintage wood we recommend you to visit our collection of wood effect tiles and our white tiles.


Vintage blue kitchens 

Vintage blue kitchens take up the heritage of using blue tones to transmit a greater sense of cleanliness, as was also done in bathrooms. If you combine the predominance of blue with brown and white tones, you will obtain a very bright and welcoming kitchen.

Among our blue tiles you will find a variety of designs for both flooring and cladding: plain, terrazzo, hydraulic design, hexagonal or embossed.


Retro kitchens in shades of green

Green vintage kitchens are dominated by the feeling that nature has come into the home. It is a more versatile colour than it looks and combines particularly well with brown. Adding a wood-type flooring together with a green wall tile is a good idea, but there are many other combinations such as green and white.

In Aparici you will find green tiles with geometric shapes, rust or metal effect, hydraulic or terrazzo tiles so that you can find the one that best suits your preferences.


In short, transforming your kitchen into a vintage space requires careful consideration of every element. Every decision, from the choice of materials, contributes to the creation of a retro atmosphere that looks to the past with the innovations of the present.  Get inspired with more tiles for your kitchen in Cerámicas Aparici.