Courtyard flooring: the trends we will see this year

Spring has arrived, and with it, outdoor spaces gain prominence to enjoy the good weather. That is why today we are talking about courtyards, and in particular, why patio flooring is one of the first elements to take into account when starting to design this space. On the one hand, they must be resistant to withstand both daily use and rain or temperature changes. In terms of design, the floor also conditions the aesthetics of the whole, so we must also consider the final result we are trying to achieve.

All these reasons are enough for us to correctly assess the materials that exist, their appearance and their characteristics. In this article we will discover which materials are suitable for the courtyard floor and explain why porcelain tiles are the ideal choice for flooring.

We'll also detail some design options to bring your patio in line with current trends. Ready? 



Types of flooring for courtyards

There is a wide variety of flooring suitable for courtyards with materials as diverse as porcelain stoneware or natural wood. Each of them has its own characteristics, both technical and aesthetic. The final decision is influenced by factors such as our tastes or the type of courtyard we are going to renovate: an open courtyard exposed to the weather is not the same as, for example, one covered with a pergola.

The materials we are going to describe are suitable for interior courtyards (integrated into the structure of the building) or completely outside:

Porcelain stoneware outdoor tiles.

Porcelain stoneware outdoor tiles are a long-term guarantee. These tiles are made to withstand outdoor conditions thanks to a production process that makes them even more durable. In addition to their technical qualities, they are able to reproduce a wide variety of designs, with which we can personalise our courtyard to our taste.


Wooden decking

Wooden decking is one of the most popular and aesthetically pleasing solutions for the courtyard because of its natural character. It is important to know that there are different types of wood, some are more resistant than others and that wood is more sensitive to humidity than other materials. It also requires a lot of maintenance.


Microcement is a material to consider for the courtyard floor if you are looking for a more urban and industrial aesthetic. It is a very durable alternative with the disadvantage that it can break under very strong blows.

Marble and other natural stones

As exterior paving, stone tiles offer a natural look to the courtyard as a whole. Slate, granite, sandstone or travertine are available, but there are other natural stones such as marble that can only be installed outdoors if they are given a special treatment. In all cases, being a natural material, it is more complicated to maintain, as well as more expensive to install.



Porcelain tile, the best flooring for indoor and outdoor courtyards and patios

Of all the options we have listed, porcelain tile is the best flooring for indoor and outdoor courtyards, both for its technical and aesthetic characteristics:

  • They withstand even the most adverse weather conditions.
  • They withstand sudden changes in temperature, extreme heat or cold.
  • Their humidity absorption index is close to 0, so there is no problem if the tiles are exposed to water or humidity.
  • They withstand shocks and daily use of the space without any problems.
  • They are easy to clean and hardly need any maintenance.
  • There are tiles with a non-slip finish that significantly increase safety and are ideal for outdoor courtyards.
  • An immense variety of aspects. Tiles can reproduce from natural stone to concrete.



Modern courtyard designs with porcelain floor tiles

As can be seen in Aparici's catalogue of tiles for terraces and courtyards, the possibilities for designing modern spaces with porcelain floor tiles are immense. Here are some of the options for designing a trendy courtyard:

Minimalist modern courtyards with concrete-type flooring.

If we are looking for a modern courtyard with a minimalist style, a good idea is to opt for concrete tiles for the floor. Tiles of this appearance stand out for simulating the characteristic textures and tones of this material, which perfectly complement industrial-style decoration. As it is quite homogeneous in its design, it can be combined with other collections in the cladding, such as wood-type tiles.


Modern rustic courtyards with Mediterranean charm

If rustic courtyards connect us with nature, terracotta tiles intensify this feeling and recall a Mediterranean style. These porcelain stoneware tiles immediately remind us of the terracotta textures of yesteryear, with the innovations of the present to resist all kinds of weather conditions.



From vintage charm to the Andalusian-style courtyard

The vintage style is characterised by colourful motifs and geometric shapes. The encaustic effect tiles meet both requirements and adapt perfectly to this decorative style. As flooring, these tiles are reminiscent of the most popular modernist tiles.

These tiles are also especially useful if we want our paving to transport us to an Andalusian-style interior courtyard. The ideal is to install tiles with a hydraulic effect on the paving or cladding so as not to saturate the courtyard too much. Whether we are talking about a vintage or Andalusian style courtyard, the use of matching skirtings or skirting boards will enhance the final result.

Altea Olivo

Altea Elda

Flooring with natural textures for outdoor courtyards

Ceramic floor tiles successfully imitate natural textures as spectacular as slate from the Slate Collection, ideal for both modern and rustic style courtyards. There are also stone effect tiles, which installed as paving, will provide the textures and tones of natural stones as varied as granite or marble.

Textile effect tiles include a multitude of patterns and effects in their design, from geometric shapes to a worn appearance, making them ideal for a courtyard with a unique style.



Nordic style courtyards with outdoor tiles

Imitation wood tiles are ideal candidates for a Nordic style courtyard. The most popular option is to install them as paving and cover the walls with white tiles, so that we combine the typical modern white tones with the warmth of wood.


Camper Ash

Camper White

In short, the choice of flooring for courtyards is crucial for designing comfortable and aesthetically appealing spaces, especially during spring and summer. Among the options presented, porcelain flooring stands out as the most resistant and versatile choice, offering a wide variety of designs to suit all styles. Discover all our collections to choose your ideal courtyard flooring!