Latest trends in kitchen tiles. Ideas for 2024

The kitchen is always one of the spaces to which we dedicate the most time and effort when designing the renovation or construction of a new home.

In addition to their intensive use, there is also a wide variety of materials with which to shape the space. Among all of them, ceramic tiles for the kitchen are, without a doubt, the most used. That is why today we want to anticipate the new year and tell you about the latest trends in kitchen tiles that we will see in 2024. 

As we did with our special on trendy bathroom tiles, we want this article to serve as a guide and inspiration for you. Do you want to discover which kitchen tiles will be the most popular next year? How to combine them according to the decoration style you like the most? Below, we will try to answer these and other questions.

modern kitchen trend 2024 tiles Aparici


Trendy tiles for modern kitchens

If one thing is clear, it is that in 2024 porcelain tiles will continue to be the most widely used in the most modern kitchens and that some of the trends that have been consolidated this year will continue to be in force. If you want to have a trendy kitchen, these are the tiles that should not be missed.

White tiles for modern kitchens

Porcelain tiles fill the most modern white kitchens with nuances. Within this tonality there are a multitude of textures, aspects or reliefs to adapt to styles as diverse as Nordic, minimalist or industrial.

In any of its versions, white tiles provide that extra luminosity so desired in a space such as the kitchen, while at the same time they enhance the sensation of cleanliness and hygiene. If you want to make white the protagonist in your kitchen, we invite you to read our blog post on white kitchen tiles to learn about all the options.

Aparici porcelain marble-effect kitchen tiles


Other trendy colours for the kitchen

When it comes to choosing the colour for your kitchen tiles, two trends are clearly emerging for 2024. On the one hand, neutral shades will continue to be popular because of their ability to combine with other colours. In this sense, the sobriety of grey tiles or the cosy look of beige porcelain stoneware tiles stand out.

From the most neutral to the most vibrant. And other colours of porcelain tiles have been gaining ground in recent times. This is the case of pink, a colour without complexes, and above all green tiles, capable of bringing the most evocative tones of nature into the kitchen.

kitchen with green Aparici hydraulic tiles on the floor


Large or small tiles for the kitchen

As with colours, in 2024 we are seeing contrasting trends in terms of the most commonly used tile formats. On the one hand, large format tiles are an increasingly popular option, both in small kitchens, where they increase the feeling of spaciousness, and in large spaces.

From the largest tiles to the smallest. Small format tiles are also claiming their place in the kitchen, whether as a wall covering or as a backsplash, with aesthetics such as porcelain mosaic or metro tiles.

More accentuated relief on kitchen walls

Undoubtedly one of the most noteworthy trends in kitchens for 2024 is to opt for embossed tiles, capable like few others of bringing dynamism and creating seductive effects to the eye and touch. From traditional bevelled tiles to three-dimensional tiles, from wavy shapes to the crackled effect of some metals... the options are almost endless.

trendy kitchen in 2024 with small wall tiles and embossed wall tiles


Encaustic tiles and geometric shapes in the kitchen.

The most decorative tile options will be back on trend in 2024. Among them, encaustic tiles stand out, either as kitchen flooring or as cladding. A safe bet for renewing vintage aesthetics without renouncing the advantages of porcelain stoneware. Along the same lines, pre-cut tiles stand out for their variety of looks, effects and shades. In this blog post we tell you what they are and what their advantages are.

Combinations of tiles for kitchens according to style

If there is one thing that makes porcelain tiles stand out, it is their chameleon-like personality and their ability to adapt to any decorative style. Here are the most popular tile combinations for trendy styles such as industrial, Nordic or rustic.

Industrial style kitchens

The industrial style is still in full force and porcelain stoneware is a perfect ally to give shape to kitchens that are committed to its unmistakable aesthetic. Its variety of appearance allows you to combine, for example, the textures of natural wood on the floor with the contemporary look of metallic tiles on the kitchen walls. If, on the other hand, you prefer to add a vintage touch to the industrial style of your kitchen, opting for hydraulic flooring is the ideal option.

industrial style kitchen in beige and blue tones


The serenity of the Nordic style, in your kitchen

The combination of natural textures with light tones characterises the Nordic style. Thus, ceramic floors imitating wood provide that natural touch while offering the advantages in terms of resistance and durability of stoneware. On the other hand, the use of white tiles as cladding provides luminosity and a greater sense of visual spaciousness. In the Aparici catalogue you can find single-colour options or opt for the texture of materials such as concrete or natural stone in light tones.

Nordic-style kitchen with white tiles


Rustic kitchens with Mediterranean character

Natural textures and warm tones characterise rustic or Mediterranean style kitchens, a growing trend thanks to their welcoming personality. Tiles that simulate the aesthetics of terracotta are an essential tool when designing a rustic style kitchen. They can be combined with porcelain tiles imitating wood or stone, or they can be given an even cosier look with textile-effect tiles.

rustic brown dining kitchen


In short, ceramic design is reinventing itself in 2024 to respond to the latest trends in decoration and interior design. If you would like us to help you choose the most up-to-date tiles for your kitchen, do not hesitate to contact us.